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The Salmon River stretches for 17 miles through Oswego County, New York, beginning at the Lighthouse Mill Reservoir in Altmar, and emptying into Lake Ontario at Port Ontario. Because of its size and nearly constant water flow, the Salmon offers some of the finest sport fishing in the U.S.

Chinook (King) and Coho salmon are abundant in the fall, while the rest of the year brings steelhead and brown trout, smallmouth bass and others. The largest Chinook ever caught in the Great Lakes region (47 pounds, 13 ounces) — and the world-record Coho (33 pounds, 4 ounces) — were caught in the Salmon. Most of the lower river is accessible to fishing, from a number of conservation easements, parking areas and state-maintained access trails.

The Salmon River Falls, a 110-foot waterfall located just a few miles from the Lodge, is a well-known sightseeing destination. The river is also a popular location for kayaking and river rafting. And the woods along the river provide superior opportunities for hunting, snowmobiling, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits.