Current Waterflow

The Salmon River might be known for its epic runs of King and Coho Salmon but the summer months bring different opportunities. The Salmon also provides exceptional opportunities for smallmouth bass. You’re likely to catch a three- to five-pound bass in the spring and summer Salmon without seeing another angler all day. Please remember that Tailwater Lodge asks all of its anglers to practice catch and release on all bass and trout species when fishing on the property.


But for prime bass fishing, schedule a visit to the Tug Hill Fishing Club, a private warm-water fishery. Meticulously managed for 25 years, the three lakes on this 450-acre fishery produce trophy-sized largemouth bass, as well as bluegill, crappies, and sunfish.

Exclusive access to the Tug Hill Fishing Club is available through Zero Limit Adventures, and reservations are required. Book your next trip at the Tug Hill Fishing Club, for the rod-bending adventure of a lifetime.


You can travel far and wide to fly fish for trophy catches, in the U.S. and overseas. But you’ll often encounter high costs and long travel times. Fortunately, there’s quality fishing in a beautiful setting closer than you’d think. The Salmon River and the Tug Hill Fishing Club offer some of the best angling opportunities available, without the downsides of an extended trip. Visit the Tailwater Lodge soon, and add extra adventure to your stay by fishing the Tug Hill Fishing Club with Zero Limit Adventures!


Bring the family and share the fly fishing fun! This family friendly environment is the perfect place to introduce your child or spouse to the sport you love.

Looking for a team building day or reward for a job well done? We can provide a memorable day for your company or organization. No experience necessary!

Make your Tug Hill Fishing Club experience fit your schedule. A few casts at sunrise before your day or enjoy top water explosions after a day of work.